Trees Are Fags

This is a guided encounter with a tree, so it is best that you listen in the company of trees. You will be led through a series of observations, reflections and movements in relation to trees. The encounter lasts just over 20 minutes. So find a spot among trees, turn off the ringer of your device, and when you are ready, swipe to the next screen to begin Trees Are Fags

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Trees are Fags is an encounter created in 2018 by Benny Nemer, programmed and sound designed by Nikita Gaidakov. The piece features the voices of Matt Carter, Oskar Kirk Hansen, Bastien Pourtout, Edward Twaddle, Alberta Whittle and Virginia Woolf. Fragments from Sofia Gubaidulina's Sonata for Two Bassoons (1977) were performed by Ronan Whittern. Trees are Fags was commissioned by LUX and co-produced by the Cruising the Seventies research team at the Edinburgh College of Art. For more information on Benny Nemer, visit